NelsonHill has emerged to become MANNA Capital Partners.

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With over 30 years of combined asset management experience, we’ve developed systems to protect your investment and promote maximum value. Our management experience spans over 750,000 SF of industrial and office buildings in Chicago and 20,000 SF in San Diego and growing. Our property management team focuses on one thing: good stewardship. This means treating your property like we own it. Good stewardship is conducting, supervising, or managing something of value, especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. We do this by providing the following core competencies:

Routine building maintenance is essential to preserving the value and optimizing the efficient of your asset. Below is a list of maintenance services we provide: Custodial Services, Elevator Maintenance, Handyman On-Call, Landscaping, Life Safety Systems, Pest Control, Power Washing, Painting, Waste Management

In addition to maintenance, modernizing your building systems, technology, and other improvements. Important to attracting and retaining tenants and preserving the longevity of your building. We oversee project renovation and ensure the strong communication between building personnel, contractors, tenants, and owners.

We’ve developed systems to protect and promote your asset in order to produce maximum value over time. Starting with administrative tasks to enhance the performance of your property, and consistently striving to achieve peace of mind for our clients, we: Manage Accounts Payable, Review and Manage Insurance Requirements, Competitive Bid Solicitation and Analysis and Supervision of On-site Personnel. Understanding typical maintenance expenses is crucial when creating an effective budget for your property. We’ll partner with you to manage your expectations of costs and how we can protect the value of your asset over time: Monthly P & L Reportsm Rent Collection, Annual Budget Preparation, Cash Flow Projections, Yearly Tax Return Preparation, Tenant Renewals and Leasing.