NelsonHill has emerged to become MANNA Capital Partners.

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To every selling opportunity we’ll bring a team of talented and committed professionals working toward a common objective – creating maximum value for you in real estate. We use our individual expertise, combined with access to real estate intelligence, to help you achieve, and surpass your business goals.

On the real estate acquisitions side, we provide insight and advise on all stages of the process, from site comparison and selection to deal negotiations and due diligence. You’ll benefit from our local market knowledge and real estate services network.

Our sales professionals have a vigilant understanding of capital markets and real estate – as well as the buyers and sellers involved in transactions. We’ll discern accurate asset values, and leverage personal energy with “best in class” marketing technology. You’ll get unsurpassed performance from our proprietary marketing system unmatched by any of our competitors.

Turning vacant into fully-leased.

Real estate value is a function of income. Strong credit tenants paying good market lease rates equals maximum value.

At NelsonHill we apply a comprehensive asset evaluation used to determine leasing strategies that will target and attract the best tenants for any given space. Accurate lease rates and tenant incentives combined with our technology-based marketing initiatives position your property for maximum exposure and results. We know what tenants want and what they’ll pay for it – we’ll go to work to bring you the best possible opportunities for vacant space.

At NelsonHill we recognize the difference between subjective and objective valuations.

We hold true to our steadfast objective to create maximum value for our clients in real estate. By engaging analytical data and market insight, we deliver objective valuations designed to produce results.

From property to property, the subject may change but the objective remains consistent. In an age of shifting value and subjective opinions, we strive to produce valuations tested by reflective market results. Clients turn to us for swift, impartial real estate “Opinions of Value.”

Our team can help give you the confidence you need to act decisively—and profitably.