City of Chicago Proposes Zoning Expansion

by | May 19, 2016 | New Development

The City of Chicago Proposes Zoning Expansion Plan to Foster Neighborhood Development and Central Area Growth

City of Chicago Zoning ExpansionChicago’s Central Business District (CBD) has its own downtown (D) zoning designation due to its unique attributes as the employment, transportation, cultural, and residential nexus of the region. Given the ongoing development in nearby neighborhoods such as the West Loop, South Loop, River West and River North, the City of Chicago has announced a new proposal that will allow for higher density redevelopment.

Zoning helps to coordinate neighborhood development by regulating the uses and amount of buildable square footage within individual zoning districts. Neighborhood development patterns are reflected through a variety of business (B), commercial (C), residential (R) district designations, each of which has additional provisions that regulate use and density.

To appropriately address and accommodate ongoing central area market pressures, four areas along the perimeter of the district will be available for potential D district zoning. Each area is well-served by public transit and possess other features that align with the development patterns of the downtown area. The map includes potential FAR parameters for specific sub-areas.